AZ, NM, Clark County NV, El Paso TX

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.12.12 PMScott comes to us with 20+ years experience in the construction equipment industry. Previously he worked with Ivy Hi-Lift as an outside sales person, specializing in renting & selling aerial lift & forklift equipment. When Sunbelt Rentals acquired Ivy Hi-Lift in 2000, he continued his career in outside sales renting and selling a full line of general construction equipment until being promoted to the position of Branch Manager running the Tempe, AZ location. In 2005 he switched gears and began renting & selling scaffold, mast climbers, concrete pumps & mixers until joining the Direct Sales team in 2011 and currently lives in the Phoenix area.

Scott Schuller
Territory: Arizona, New Mexico, Clark County Nevada, and El Paso, Texas
Phone: 602-930-8415    

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